The Willamette River Field Guide
by Travis Williams

Following the river downstream from its tributaries through its vast valleys and to the tidal flats beyond Portland, this guide is the story of Oregon’s earliest inhabitants, the connection between the river and the towns along its banks, the wildlife it supports, and the effects of alterations to its geography and ecology. Includes trip tips and maps.

Blue Mind
by Wallace J. Nichols

When you think about taking a vacation, do you imagine being near water? I do. My father and I spent a lot of time on the lakes of New York and Canada; those were some of the best days of my life.  Jay provides example after example of waters importance and value to humankind, not least of which is that we are water beings whose bodies are more water than anything else. Jay’s message about our connection to water is compelling.

The “Blue Mind” is about freeing your mind from accumulated stress through nature therapy. Relaxing, unwinding and rebooting your mind by spending time on, in, and near water. Water; it is the foundation of life.

Canoeing in the Wilderness
by Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau’s account of his canoe trip led by Native American guide Joe Polis is richly entertaining. Joe certainly saved Thoreau’s life more than once during their trip. If you have ever paddled a canoe, you will be amazed that three men could travel so far, in poor weather, with old-fashioned gear, and in a small wood canoe. It is a wonderfully vivid story of a “Gentlemen” in the woods; a great real-life adventure story written by a legendary author.

Canoeing With the Cree
by Eric Sevareid

It’s hard to imagine how Eric and Walt survived their under-funded, hastily-conceived adventure. These two high school buddies naively embark on an epic canoe adventure that takes them Minneapolis to Hudson Bay. I found this story funny, fascinating,  and very enjoyable. Eric’s writing captures the thrill and wonder of being 18, reckless, fearless, and fully alive. If you are older than 18 this book will probably remind you a bit of what it was like to think like an 18 year old. It’s an awesome paddle adventure book.


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