Canoeing 101 Classes

Paddle People Canoeing Class - Vancouver Lake Regional Park -

Just learning to paddle?

Try our beginners class!

Private lessons $100

private solo, or tandem canoeing lesson

Private lessons are about 2 hours long

1/2 hour of orientation on the beach

1.5 hours on the water  

We will provide the canoe and gear, or bring your own canoe

We will happily meet you at a Portland area location that is most convenient for you. Some of our favorite locations for classes are: Vancouver Lake Regional Park, Cedaroak Boat Ramp – West Linn, Rooster Rock State Park – Columbia Gorge, George Rogers Park – Lake Oswego and Willamette Park – West Linn.

What we will cover in our beginners paddling classes:

  • Handling a boat on shore
  • Getting in and out of the boat safely
  • Transporting your boat or board safely
  • How to be safe on the water
  • Introduction to the forward stroke basics for kayaks, SUPs, and canoes
  • Basic instruction on how to work with a partner in a tandem boat
  • Introduction to the USCA Sit and Switch method of paddling (for canoers)
  • Basic tips on steering and keeping your boat straight with minimal effort
  • Tips on how to select the paddle best for you
  • Information on where to go for different types of paddling in Portland and Southwest Washington.

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