Canoeing 101

Paddle People Canoeing Class - Vancouver Lake Regional Park -

Just learning to paddle?

Try our beginner’s lesson!

$50 per canoe | By appointment only

for solo, or tandem canoe

canoe, lifejacket and paddles included

Private lessons are about 2 hours long

1/2 hour of orientation on the beach

1.5 hours on the water  

We meet you at the Portland area location that is most convenient for you. Some of our favorite locations for lessons are: Vancouver Lake Regional Park, Cedaroak Boat Ramp – West Linn, Rooster Rock State Park – Columbia Gorge, George Rogers Park – Lake Oswego and Willamette Park – West Linn.

What we will cover in our beginners paddling lesson:

  • Basic safe paddling protocols
  • Handling a boat on shore
  • Getting in and out of the boat safely
  • Transporting your boat safely
  • Introduction to the forward stroke basics for canoes
  • Basic instruction on how to work with a partner in a tandem boat
  • Introduction to the USCA Sit and Switch method of paddling (for canoers)
  • Basic tips on steering and keeping your boat straight with minimal effort

To schedule a lesson, or for more info

Please text, or call Jeff 503-956-0561


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Paddle People

We bring boats to people and people to water

We go the extra 600 miles!