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Aggie – Posted 12.26.2020

Dog in Wenonah Champlain Canoe Ultralight Tandem

Chicory – Posted 1.4.2021

McNab in Wenonah Prism Aramid Canoe

Finn – Posted 1.4.2021

Corgi Finn Wenonah Sundowner Canoe

Goat – Posted 1.11.2021

Whippet Collie Mix Goat

Lily – Posted 12.29.2020

Pomeranian - Wenonah Escape Canoe

Louie – Posted 1.4.2021

Beagle Wenonah Boundary Waters Canoe

MacDuff – Posted 12.29.2020

Irish Terrier - Wenonah Champlain Canoe

Pebbles – Posted 1.4.2021

Rudi AKA: Bad Rudi – Posted 1.11.2021

Wenonah Fisherman Canoe - Lab Dog

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New Paddle Pup!

New Paddle Pup!

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