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Wenonah Voyager Prism Kevlar Canoe -

From Paddle People you can buy Wenonah Solo and Tandem Canoes, Current Designs and QCC Kayaks, Pau Hana Surf Supply Stand up Paddle Boards, Canoe Car Top Tie-down Transportation Kits, CAM Straps, Universal Hood Loops, Bolt on Hood Loops, Canoe Car Top Foam Block, Dog Leashes, Gift Certificates, Canoe Paddling Lessons, Canoe Seat Cushions, Canoe Paddle Bags, Suspenz Canoe, Kayak, SUP, Surfboard Carts and Storage Racks, Boat Stands, C4 Waterman Stand up Paddle Boards and Monster SUPs, Canoe and Kayak Necklaces, Stohlquist Wet Socks, Willamette and Columbia canoe and kayak trip outfitter, and guide services, trip transportation services, paddle parties, and more.

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