Minnesota 3 | New | Used

2017 Minn 3 Canoe 20′  |  3-seat  |  55lbs  |  Ultra-light w/Kevlar  |  Temporarily out of stock, please call to order

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  • Specifications sheet

    Wenonah Minn 3 Canoe - Factory Stock Photo

    Wenonah Minn 3 Canoe – Factory Stock Photo – Paddle People canoes feature bucket seats – Web seats (as shown) available on special orders.

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  • Specific canoe photos available on request

Typically we order Minn 3 canoes with the following “Premium Options”:

  • Bow and stern sliding seats
  • Removable ash yoke

And these are “Standard Options”:

  • Adjustable stern foot brace
  • Silver Aluminum Trim
  • Livery Layup |  Adds extra Kevlar layers and bow and stern factory installed internal felt skid pads (IFSPs)

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