Canoes & Paddle Boards For Rent

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Kevlar Canoes for Rent 

$100 per day  | $200 per weekend | $300 per week

+ mileage for delivery service $1 per mile

Rental includes:

permit, paddles and Lifejackets

Below, Steve Piragis and team explain how to handle a Kevlar canoe. Someday we hope to rent a canoe from Steve and paddle the legendary Boundary Waters. Don’t worry Steve, we will take good care of your stuff…

Inflatable Stand up Paddle Boards for Rent

$100 – 1 to 3 days | $200 per week

+ mileage for delivery service $1 per mile

iSUP rental includes:

permit, paddle, ankle leash, air pump, backpack and Lifejacket

C4 Waterman iSUP Hoe Paddle Ankle Leash -

Delivery & Shuttle Services Available

rentals, classes, and group paddle events by appointment

For more info, please text, or call Jeff @ (503) 956-0561

We bring boats to people and people to water

We go the extra 600 miles!