Fleet Party & Trip

Whole Fleet Paddle Party

$600 1/2 day

28 people, or more, on the water at once

We provide paddles, life-jackets, and permits

6 canoes + 8 paddle boards + 2 Monster iSUPs = FUN!

Guided Day Trip for 6-8 people

$600 1/2 day

We provide the canoes, paddles, life-jackets, and permits

Guided Overnight Camp & Paddle Trip

We can be your guides for a camp and paddle adventure too

Or, just provide transportation for your self-guided trip

12 people fit comfortably in our air conditioned bus.

Licensed, insured, and registered Oregon Guides

Oregon State Marine Board Registration #1132

Text, or call Jeff @ (503) 956-0561 for details

Learn more about our guide and trip support services

We bring boats to people and people to water

We go the extra 600 miles!